Giles Elementary Days - 1948-1949
( Our thanks to Sylvia Holland Reuwer '58 for the great pictures)

Giles Elementary Miss Clarice Saxon, 3rd grade teacher.

Pictured with Miss Clarice Saxon is (L to R) Shirley Kidd, Janice Minter, and Billie Lee Garretson.
Miss Saxon was V.L Rowland's sister and very special to Janet Saxon

Giles Elementary Mr. Martin
This was Mr. Everitt Martin's first or second year as principal. Photo taken from the
front of the school. Mr. Martin replaced Mr. Hurst who went to MacArthur Jr. High.

Giles Elementary Miss Clarice Saxon
Miss Saxon is standing at the door that leads to the back of the school. Behind the wall is the

Giles Elementary Mr. Martin's secretary
I do not recall her name, (do you?) but I do remember she was pretty and made a trip to visit Mrs. Little, the
school nurse, a little less traumatic.

Giles Elementary Mrs J. Kirby Hill 1st grade teacher


This photo was taken from the school grounds at the corner of Elgie and Chaisson. The safety patrol members I am unable to identify.
The house directly across the street was Murray Bowen's. Kattycornered is the back of David Bean's house.


1952 Giles Elem. Football Team - future class of '59 (thanks to Don Warren for the picture)
Left to Right:
First Row: Robert Holbrook, Alan Plummer, Ned Burch (co-captain), Reggie Richardson (co-captain), Jimmy Mitchell, David Coffman, Dana Reeves
Second Row: Jack York, Gene Settle, Bill Tyner, David Measles, Robert Pope, Bill Green, Phil Green, Ernst Nesaloni
Third Row: Coach Bingham, Darrell Harbin, Rusty Hughes, Gene Hollingshead, Willy Nelson, J. D. Howard, Don Warren



1952 Giles Elementary (our thanks to Don Warren, '59, for the picture)

Left to Right: First Row: Eloise Hucker, Carol Huff, Carole Latimer, Linda Walker, Margaret Collier, Patricia Kelly,
David Edwards, Ernst Nesloni, Jimmy Mitchell Second Row: Margo Shelton, Alan Plummer, Robert Holbrook, Darlene Fisher,
Carol Salem, Margo Meaux, Barbara McCorkle, Robert Pope, Don Warren Third Row: Mrs. L. R. Pietzch, Sr., Martha Barlow,
Flo Gammill, Nancy Graham, Leroy Ashworth, Rusty Hughes, J. D. Howard, Dana Reeves, David Coffman, Toby Young, Mr. E. A. Martin


1951 Giles Elementary (Our thanks to Preston Chaney for the picture)


Front row L to R, James Warfield, Unk., Harold Huff, unk., unk., Sylvia Holland, Janice Minter, Unk., Suzanne Hailey unk., unk.
Next row Unk., Thomas Hood, Daniel Durenberger unk., Murray Bowen, unk., unk,. unk., Gordon asbury, ? Wilson, unk.
Back Row unk., unk., Minnie Adams, unk., Maybe Leah Burch, Carolyn, Madelyn, Bill Vincent, Preston Chaney, unk., Wilma McCall


1948 Giles Elementary (our thanks to Sherain(Sharon)McCall Scott)


1950 Giles Elementary


1951 Giles Elementary